Can someone tell me what the markets did yesterday?

I’m a different kind of financial adviser in that I don’t watch CNBC, I hardly ever scour the market data section of the FT and I’m more worried about whether the temperature of the water for my coffee is correct (coffee geek alert – Aeropressers of the world unite) than whether markets went up or down yesterday. I learnt quite some time ago that both my own mental health and the interests of my clients were better served by ignoring all of the noise that those sorts of figures threw up and focussing on the big picture. Ok so it sounds as though I’m lazy but aren’t we all at heart? This isn’t laziness at work though it’s pragmatism. The fact is that trying to do anything for my clients based around movements over one day, one week even one month is pointless in terms of their long-term investing success. Yes we’ll rebalance clients’ portfolios when they move out of whack with the agreed risk levels, but we’ll always have a regular dialogue to discuss whether the agreed risk level is still appropriate or not. This will do more for them than trying to follow the markets on a daily basis. Indeed the evidence shows that those people who purely rebalance their portfolios on a regular basis do far better than those who try and react to the markets. I’ll use the evidence based approach thanks. Time to turn to the sports pages!