Connectum Facts


2002 by Richard B.Stott and Dr Nils-Odd Tønnevold


By The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway to provide investment advice and wealth management


Blackfriars Capital Management AS (Richard B. Stott and family)
Freidig Holding AS (Dr Nils-Odd Tønnevold and family)
AS Bjar (Brynjulf Freberg)
Børre Moe

Board of Directors

Stephen M. Constant OBE(Chairman)
Thor Ask Terkelsen, Laywer
Børre Moe, MBA CA
Brynjulf Freberg, Cand Mag
Richard B. Stott, BA MCFA TEP
Dr. Nils-Odd Tønnevold, BA MBA Dr h.c.

Office Team

Richard B. Stott, Partner
Dr. Nils-Odd Tønnevold, Partner
Merethe Ørneberg, PA/Secretary
Børre Moe, Accountant

Our values

Connectum 1. v. to have bound together, to have united. 2. v. to have knotted together (Latin)

‘Reef-knot’ n. symmetrically made knot, the oldest knot known and called the Hercules knot by the ancient Greeks. Simple, but very strong when tied with two equally thick ropes. The circle is a symbolic expression for what is without beginning or end, but is eternal, ie. of a long term nature, as our relationship with our clients. The thick element at the bottom half of the circle enables the circle to liken a globus, symbolically the world, and that the world is small in comparison with the importance of the client-Connectum relationship represented by the knot.

Together, the name Connectum and the reef-knot logo symbolise our close relationship with every client

Our existing clients can testify to how much we value the trust placed in us.

We endeavour constantly to justify that trust.