Our story


We started Connectum because we want to give wealth owners and their families the best possibility for achieving what they want in life with their wealth

We provide seamless financial advice and intelligent investing based on a real understanding of your goals and needs

Achieving what you want is all about starting in the right place. This is identifying your needs and goals, devising a plan to achieve them and executing it in the most efficient manner. That’s what it takes. Simple yet effective.

Having worked in and with private banks, fund management companies and trust administrators amongst others and been private clients ourselves, we have seen how the pressure to sell products often leads to a poor outcome for the clients. We learned fast and took action by establishing Connectum in 2002.

Connectum’s EXPERTISE

By providing seamless and coordinated advice globally, we help business owners and entrepreneurs, expats, internationals and professionals, corporations, organisations and trusts to build capital and stay wealthy.

Connectum is an entirely independent financial adviser. We have no financial ties to product providers and do not take commission. Our only source of income is from the fees paid by our clients for our wealth management service and investment advice. Risks are reduced and unnecessary costs are removed.