Richard B. Stott

Richard StottRichard is CEO and a founding partner in Connectum. Originally from the Manchester area, Richard grew up almost destined to enter the financial services industry, his father having run a successful financial advice business in North West England. Following studies in both the UK and Germany, he worked for a variety of international organisations including J. Rothschild International and Coutts and Co., both in the UK and Switzerland before moving to Norway in 2000.

Having seen the inside workings of the financial services industry from a number of different angles, Richard became convinced that individual clients and families were, in many instances, not receiving the help or advice that they deserved.

As a second generation wealth manager, Richard cares deeply about clients and is committed to help them achieve what they want their money to achieve for them in their lives.

Richard and Nils discovered that they shared many of the same thoughts concerning the provision of financial advice and this led to the establishment of Connectum in 2002 as one of the first companies in Norway to provide fee-only advice to clients.

A member of the CFA Institute, Richard is responsible for the development of Connectum’s investment strategy and, in particular, focus on ‘Smart Indexing’.

A self confessed ‘investment nerd’, Richard has recently co-authored a book entitled ‘The 7 Secrets of Money – The insider’s guide to investment success’.

See Richard’s interview at the Asset Allocation Summit 2010.

Apart from his family, Richard uses his spare time to indulge an almost unhealthy obsession with Manchester City Football Club, throw himself down mountainsides with planks strapped to his legs in a practice sometimes referred to as skiing, and hit a stupidly small ball around nice areas of parkland looking for eighteen separate holes which someone has been kind enough to mark with a flag.

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