What we do


By providing completely independent, fee-only investment advice and wealth management

You are unique, you have your own specific requirements, dreams and desires. That’s why the first and most important question we ask is

What do you want your wealth to achieve for you and your family?

When we know the answers, we can start to make recommendations and take action. Actions that will involve helping you look after your money in a sensible way. Actions that will keep your money working for you and be available as and when you need it.

For us, there are four key steps towards sound management of your wealth:

1. Goal setting

Together we look at what you wish to achieve and what is important to you. We also look at your attitude to risk. This is your willingness, capacity and need to take risk within the context of achieving your goals. We put all of this together in a coherent plan – your unique investment strategy.

2. Diversification

We ensure a well-functioning diversification across asset classes such as cash and bonds, property and equities, and efficient diversification within each asset class across countries, currencies, industries, sectors and regions. In addition, we secure a broad, well-functioning diversification of underlying securities. You will be well served by this strategy. You will have a robust portfolio that weathers bumpy times and delivers over time.

3. Value for money

We make sure we harvest the market return from segments which represent known sources of extra return and remove costs and risks that don’t add value. This makes it easier for you to achieve your goals and it gives you increased predictability.

4. Discipline

Discipline means staying the course and being patient. The longer you invest the more you will reap. We ensure that your portfolio is maintained within agreed allocation limits and make recommendations and implement these when appropriate.

This way you have a greater probability of achieving your goals. In conclusion, our methodic approach from A to Z provides you with: